Back Braces & The Jewett Brace

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Jewett brace,

Back pain can seriously impede everyday life.

Having a back brace like the Jewett brace, can really help you avoid such pain.

The Jewett brace, is sure to help you posture and ensure that you won’t be throwing your back out any time soon.

Most high quality posture or back braces will be able to help with those sorts of problems as well.

And if you’re one who suffers from poor posture and in turn back pain, then you may agree that it is time for you to purchase a hard back brace like the Jewett brace.


Importance of Proper Braces

Braces that are not similar to the Jewett brace can often be uncomfortable and even do more harm to you than good.

And having one that does not fit you properly can be even worse for your comfort, back health, and posture. Other painful effects of not wearing the proper Jewett brace include:

Soreness – Underneath your armpits, around your neck, and even your legs could be feeling quite sore if you’re not wearing the proper Jewett brace.

This can be quite uncomfortable and even detrimental to your back health.

So if ever at any point you feel any sort of soreness it is suggested you call your doctor or physician to have your current Jewett brace re-adjusted, or have them help you in purchasing a new one.

Back Problems – If your Jewett brace isn’t properly fitting you or is making you uncomfortable, then it isn’t doing you any help!

Yes you may feel a little stiff or ridged when wearing a back brace, but you shouldn’t feel much pain, and if you are feeling pain, then you’re potentially hurting your back even more.

Some brands of hard back braces are adjustable too like the Jewett brace. And if you find that you are uncomfortable in your , then you should have a friend or loved one adjust it for you.

Now a proper Jewett brace will obviously help your back.

Once the is off and no longer needed you should be feeling much better than you did before.

But be aware that there are still some side effects to wearing even a proper .

Hard back braces while worn will make it so that your back muscles decrease.

This happens depending upon how long you wear the Jewett brace, but it is still a hazard you may want to keep in mind. And this can happen with all kinds of back braces, from the Jewett brace, to average store bought braces.

What You Can and Can’t Do with Jewett Braces

While wearing a back brace, even a Jewett brace, no matter what there will be limitations on what you can and cannot do.

If you are using a Jewett brace to stabilize your body then you will not be able to bend down, lift anything, or twist your back for the entire time.

You’re wearing it you’ll still of course be able to walk around, sit, and carry on with most of your daily activities, but be prepared to look rather stiff for a while.


Wearing a hard back brace isn’t necessarily something you want everyone to know.

So having a discreet one can be important, luckily there are plenty of Jewett braces that not only allow you to wear what you want, but they also give you the support and help you need.

There are some even designed like under shirts, so that you can wear whatever you want over them; something to keep in mind though, like with some of the Jewett braces, you want to wear very light clothing so that you do not sweat too much.

Types of Braces

Including the Jewett brace, there are tons of different braces out there, and tons of different types of braces.

Why Jewett brace has over 4 different types of braces alone.

From braces designed for back support to braces that have been designed to help with scoliosis, it can be daunting when it comes time to pick one out, but if you know what you need then the task can be much easier.

Here are a few different brands and types of braces:

What sort of help that you need, is the sort of Jewett brace you should be looking for, but if you still find that you are unsure of what kind or type of Jewett brace you should be purchasing then you should consult your doctor.

Make sure to ask about Jewett braces when you go, as well.

Where to Turn

If you’ve been experiencing severe back pain, then it may be time to purchase a back brace, and if you’ve been dealing with bad posture for a long period of time, then it may be time to purchase a posture brace.

Jewett braces carry all kinds of different braces, so no matter what your problem is, you’ll be able to turn to them to have it solved.

And if you’re not sure about Jewett braces, then there are tons of other braces you can turn to, to help you solve your back problem.

Back problems can start out minor and turn into a huge mess; don’t let that happen to you.

The moment you start experiencing consistent or constant back pain, it may be time to go to your physician, or purchase a Jewett brace for yourself.

So don’t let your back pain control you, and don’t let your posture ruin your life either, purchase a or other brand of brace today, and improve your everyday life and wellbeing. And you can begin your search with Jewett braces