Posture exercises – The simplest way of having a good posture

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Posture exercises

Incorporating a good fitness regime, including posture exercises gives us a good posture.

A good posture is not just a reflection of impressive personality but is also an expression of good health.

Maintaining a good posture you can keep common problems like a stiff neck, back problems, fatigue and headaches at a bay.

Having a good and upright posture is a definite manifestation of a your confidence and level headedness.

By judging the posture one can assimilate about the traits of personality and if there is any injury, then can find about the epicenter of the problem.

What is a good posture?

A good posture means a perfectly aligned body where the body is held upright against gravity in all positions whether standing, sitting or lying down.

Having a good posture if not gained naturally involves a training of mind and body.

Having a good posture helps the body structure in the recommended position so that the body parts taking the body weight in the right manner.

This helps in bones and muscles functioning in the right manner and less exhaustion of the joints.

As a good posture holds the body in a balanced frame, it prevents strain and fatigue of the body from being held in abnormal positions.

Achieve a good posture through Posture exercises and Posture Braces

The most important key behind achieving a good posture, is adopting a correct position while sitting, lifting, driving, standing, lying and even sleeping.

Keeping your back straight while doing any activity is the core secret besides supporting your back during all sitting postures.

During lifting any object or bending down, the essential thing to be kept in mind is to bend at the knees and lower the body height keeping the back straight.

This will avoid any stress coming onto your back.

However, if your body has got into a wrong posture which has kind of become permanent, the way out is through posture exercises or using posture support braces.

Doing certain basic posture exercises even prevents getting into a bad posture and helps to maintain a good posture besides other health benefits.

Posture exercises.

In adapting these exercises the prime focus should be to strengthen the core with equal attention towards building up a strong abdomen and lower back muscles as this the main part of the body which decides your body posture.

Let us go through the exercises which will help define a good posture for you.

1. Shoulder and neck rolls.
These exercise not just act as a warm up stretch, but also helps in releasing any accumulated stress or strain in this region. Healthy and fatigue free muscles in this area help to keep your head in a good posture.

2. Here are some posture exercises which would help strengthen your core.

(a) Planks.
Inculcate both the variants of planks i.e, front and side planks in your fitness regime. The front plank would help strengthen the core muscles and abdomen area and side planks will help toning of muscles on your curves.

(b) Crunches.
You can start with the basic crunches without going in for the complete lift of the body as they work best for your core muscles. Thereafter, you can slowly graduate to twisting crunches.

(c) Besides
Doing core specific posture exercises, please keep in mind that the core has to be held tightly inwards while doing any cardio or lower abdomen exercise.

3. Posture exercises for lower back.
The lower back is another important body part which needs extra care and caution while building up the body posture. Having a back ache can be another problem area resulting from poor posture and stress on back. But it can be majorly resolved by doing exercise, some of which are:

(a) Leg lifts.
First do these sitting straight on the mat, but remember to keep your hands under the hips as it gives the required support at the curvy region of your back. After getting comfortable you can graduate to doing leg lifts at an elevation.

(b) Side tilts.

(c) Arch your back while lying down, feel the stress and release. This can prove to be an excellent stress releasing exercise.

4. Exercising your calf muscles is equally important as they take on the entire load of your body.
An upright posture takes away the fatigue from your back, shoulders and neck, but calf muscles still bear the brunt of body pressure.

Therefore calves exercise are an elementary part of postures exercises which need to be done on a regular basis.

Posture braces

A good posture can be reclaimed by using posture braces, which come in different types for the specific need of any particular area.

There are posture braces, support and posture taping available in the market which address to your area of concern in the most effective manner.

These deliver better results when exercised in harmony with posture exercises and help you to graduate from a heavy support to a lower support. Broadly speaking the different types of posture braces available are:

1. Back Posture support brace.
2. Elastic type clavicle brace
3. Posture tees, shirt and body suits
4. Back brace support belt
5. Back corrector support round belt
6. Clavicle Support for Fractures, Sprains, Shoulder Posture Support
7. Posture supportive and corrective bras

A proper posture finds its basics in knowing how to carry and use your body against gravity.

If you have not been following this thumb rule and have poor posture, then getting in terms with proper posture gets difficult at the start, but the hurdle has to be crossed to reclaim a beautiful body in a perfect posture.

If you are having a poor posture you can find it out by simply standing in front of the mirror as your leaning body will speak for itself.

Going through this litmus test you know its time for you to put your body in some healthy practices which will reassure you of a body with good posture and a healthy mind reflecting your confident and rediscovered self.