Relating And Understanding Posture Correction Exercises

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Posture Correction Exercises

Life can be very difficult if you have to endure muscle, spinal or atrophy pain in your back.

However, appropriate management and effective posture correction exercises can help prevent, reduce, and improve your back health.

Most people are guilty of slouching while at work, or sitting uncomfortably while driving.

Over time, incorrect posture can have a detrimental effect to your overall wellness.

There are various posture correction exercises that can assist in proper alignment and maintenance of your back, body and mind.

Developing good posture is vital and posture correction exercises are efficient ways to be cognizant of your posture and correct any incorrect posture that you may engage in.

You can quickly asses if you are guilty of incorrect posture or not by glancing at a mirror in a natural stance.

Granted, now that you are aware of your posture, make sure that you don’t correct your stance right now, but truly analyze how you stand when in everyday environment.

Most hunch their back, roll their shoulders down, or droop. If you notice any of these characteristic while looking in a mirror, you may want to consider posture correction exercises.

Correction of posture will not happen overnight, so be patient. The point of the posture correction exercises is to begin to train both your muscles and your mind into a new way of thinking and acting.

Back Posture Correction Exercise

As previously mentioned, many of us sit; whether it be at a desk or in a car, for the majority of the day. This posture causes your pelvis to tilt forward. A posture correction exercise to help reduce the pelvis tilt would be a lunge.

Lunging stretches the pelvis, helps to reduce the pain and excessive pressures that generate from prolonged sitting, and helps to stretch muscles.

To begin this lunge, kneel down on both knees.

While keeping one knee planted, lift the other leg and place you foot on the floor slightly in front of your shoulders.

Allow your pelvis to push forward, relaxing and stretching your muscles.

For those more flexible, to increase the intensity of this posture correction exercise, you can interlace your fingers together and put them behind your head.

Shoulder Stretching Posture Correction Exercise

For those individuals who work in an office, stare at a computer, and type for many hours of the day, the strain that is induced upon your shoulders can inhibit your posture, causing pain and soreness within your shoulders.

A great posture correction exercise to alleviate some of the tension is through consistent shoulder exercises.

Shoulder exercises will be beneficial to you in more ways than one.

This posture correction exercise will help stretch your upper half of the body, but it will also build muscles throughout your shoulders, which will help gain strength to support proper posture.

For this exercise, start with your arms in a relaxed position, hanging straight down the side of your thighs.

Slowly raise your arms so you create a “cross” like shape.

While you hold your arms out, slowly move them in a circular motion going forward.

Then switch and move your arms in a circular motion going.

Repeat this exercise several times, rotating directions of motion.

After you complete that, interlace your fingers and place your hands behind the back of your head.

Ensuring that your feet are planted on secure ground, without moving your feet, lean to right, as if your right elbow was going to touch the ground. Hold that stretch for several seconds.

Once completed, alternate to the left side and stretch all the way down.

Continue this posture correction exercise until you have fully stretched and allowed your body to be relieved.

Back Bridge posture correction exercise

Many of us get breaks throughout our workday, and this next stretch is one that can be performed in an office environment.

This “back bridge” posture correction exercise is designed to help with the lumbar part of your back.

It will help stretch and flex that muscle, which in turn, will hopefully aide in building that muscle up to strengthen your lumbar support.

To complete this exercise, get down on the floor on your hands and knees.

Be comfortable to where your hands are directly below your shoulders, and your knees are directly below your hips.

Once situated in this position, arch your back and gently allow your neck to arch as well, causing your gaze to go.

Hold that position for several seconds.

Next, allow your back to hunch, creating a “hollow” look on your back. In this position your neck should naturally hang down and your head should follow it. Repeat this posture correction exercise several times for up to five minutes.

Correct Stance posture correction exercise

Finally, this posture correction exercise will ultimately teach you what it feels like to stand with proper posture.

This exercise can be performed anywhere where there is a flat solid wall in which you can stand against.

For this posture correction exercise, back yourself up to a wall, allowing your head, shoulders and buttock to touch the wall.

The point of this exercise is to feel awkward!

This is the correct way to stand, completely straight up with you back and shoulders opened up and your head held high.

Not only is this the correct way to carry your posture, but you look extremely confident in this posture.

Stand here in this position for several minutes.

This will assist in mentally training your body on what it feels like to stand with good posture.

This is one of the most efficient posture correction exercises.

There are several items produced for purchase that are intended to help with your daily posture.

These are items you can wear daily, and they are proven to improve posture over a given amount of time.

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