How to Fix Your Posture

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How to Fix Your Posture

Even the most health conscious person tends to get lazy with their posture. We slump when we’re seated in our chairs at work, we slouch when watching TV in the evenings, and we even slouch when reading books in bed.

It’s not surprising that millions of people suffer from the debilitating effects of a lifetime’s accumulation of bad posture practices.

This can lead from minor aches and pains to full-blown diseases.

Fortunately it’s possible to fix your posture with simple exercises, and purchase posture braces to help you retrain your back into a more natural alignment.

Why You Have Bad Posture

According to Scientific American, early humans actually walked on all fours, or limbs, just like mammoths, buffalo, and other mammals did.

While it was initially thought it was due to humans requiring their hands to use tools, a more surprising finding was that it was to conserve calories.

While the human body slowly evolved into walking bipedally, this placed extra stress on our spinal columns.

This allowed us to more easily find food, as the planet supported more humans, and the food became more scarce.

Our spinal columns never evolved enough to successfully allow the human body to engage in sitting all day at work, all day at home, and then more time sitting in bed at night, reading or watching TV.

Our human bodies simple weren’t built to be sitting all day long.

Our bodies were built to spend all day walking around, hunting animals, collecting plants, and find a safe spot to spend the evening.

That’s led to us having bad posture, as we start feeling uncomfortable in our chairs, so we slip and slide and slouch.

What our bodies really want it to get outside to walk around for a bit.

How Bad Posture Can Affect Your Health

For those who have bad posture, they can experience greater pain in their bodies, and thus increased feelings of depression and lack of energy.

Sitting all day can dissuade someone from exercising, and not exercising does not help your posture any either.

The more you sit in your chair, the more pain you will experience, which will keep you from exercising.

Lack of exercise can lead to diabetes. It ends up being a vicious circle.

When you’re suffering from bad posture, you’ll erroneously believe that you need even more rest, when the truth of the matter is that you need to get up from your chair to get some movement going in your muscles.

How to Fix Your Posture with Simple Exercises

It’s best to start slowly when learning how to fix your posture, rather than spend an entire day at the gym.

You’ll want to ease into it. The easier you make an active lifestyle your new routine, the greater the chances for you to continue sticking with it.

The easiest way to learn how to fix your posture is with some simple exercise.

One of the best forms of exercise is walking. That’s what the human body was built for after all.

It’s why our bodies evolved, so we can walk around outside, living a healthy lifestyle. You can make small changes in your routine. Get outside during your lunch break for a short walk.

If your lunch time is short, eat your lunch after your return to your desk.

That way you’ll still have a good half an hour of walking time around the block.

Ask colleagues to join you, to reinforce your positive routine.

Another great exercise routine are some simple stretches. You can easily do this first thing in the morning, for around twelve minutes.

Simply stretch your arms above your head, in front of you, and as far behind you as possible. Carefully bend at the waist.

Don’t force your muscles, do your stretches slowly and carefully. You should feel some discomfort, but not to the point of excruciating pain.

Be sure to stretch your legs too.

The Best Posture Brace on How to Fix Your Posture

There are posture braces on the market which will train your back on how to fix your posture.

These can be worn underneath your clothing. If you want to wear one to work, to help you learn better posture at your desk, no one will know you’re wearing it.

One great posture brace is the

Deluxe Clavicle Support for Fractures

This posture brace comes in a dark navy blue color and can be worn by both men and women alike.

It’s easy to slip on and off with easy closures, and can be worn under clothing, or on top.

It’s quite a sturdy construction, so there’s no worries that it’ll be slipping off during wearing.

This posture brace is perfect for clavicle fractures, sprains, and overall bad posture.

It’ll pull your shoulders back, so you can retrain your spine and muscles to resume a normal functioning position.

The posture brace comes with extra padding to make it comfortable while wearing.

The padding will also wick moisture away, should you decide to wear it while exercising.

The Deluxe Clavicle posture brace is built in a backpack style, so you won’t have to worry about how to pull it over your head.


When you’re suffering with poor posture, there comes a point when you think to yourself that you must learn how to fix your posture.

Suffering with bad posture will not only affect your health, but it’ll also cause pain as bad posture places unnecessary strain on your back muscles, which then pull your vertebral column out of alignment.

The good news is that with a bit of time and effort, you can start exercising to help retrain your body to resume normal posture.

There are also posture braces such as the Deluxe Clavicle Support for Fractures, Sprains, Shoulder Posture Support- MD” which will help reduce slouching, while retraining your back into having normal posture once again.